Pictures and Thoughts: My Heckler Design OneLessDesk

I was sick of my old desk. In fact, it wasn’t even a desk really. It was a big glass Ikea table that I used as a desk. It worked just fine for me, but I got sick of cleaning the glass, and the glass actually just rested on top of a metal stand, and I got sick of the glass getting knocked around. Also, it was really big. I wouldn’t say I actually started actively looking for a new desk, but my eyes were open. Then one day I stumbled upon the Heckler Design OneLessDesk over at the MacRumors forums. I did some research on the desk, and I knew I had to have it… Read more


It took me long enough, but I finally got around to getting this site up and running. I used to spend some time blogging for my old site, Crazy Hawt. The focus of Crazy Hawt was… well… there was no focus. It was really just a place for my to test out the whole blogging thing. Over time, I realized that I enjoyed writing primarily about technology and travel. And when it came to technology, I wasn’t interested in re-posting re-hashed news, a la Engadget. I was more interested in posting about little projects I had going on like creating a Squeezebox Server or getting an electrical burn.
Over time, thanks to Google Analytics, I realized that people found my technology articles through Google. It makes sense. If geeks have a technical question, the first thing we do is search for it on the internet. It turns out that this did not ring true with travel posts. Nobody seemed to stumble upon my trip reports and interesting tidbits about my travels. I came to the conclusion that most people with travel questions went to sites like UPGRD, TripAdvisor, or MilePoint. Thus, I decided it was time to move on from Crazy Hawt. Besides, the whole thing was just an experiment to dip my toe into the blogosphere in the first place.

I moved all of my travel-related posts over to my UPGRD-hosted blog, Cloud Commuting. I’ve been blogging there for about a year now, and that will continue to be the site where I post all of my travel-related blabberings. A new site had to be created, however, for all of my technology posts! And that’s what we have right here… I think the name is fitting. The stuff I post is likely not for the mainstream casual technology crowd, but it’s probably not way in the weeds where only a COBOL developer would give a hoot. So here’s the new site. Enjoy!